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Meet the tenants: CADDIE+CO.

So who else has an office here at Modern Office Spaces? Next up is CADDIE+CO. Read why they chose to be here.

Who are we?

CADDIE+CO. is me, Sharon Caddie, and my collaborators.

What do we do?

A creative agency that is all about words, pictures and ideas. From branding to copywriting to websites to design…whatever you want to say or look like I can help you with that.


Having worked for many years in advertising agencies around Scotland, I decided to do my own thing and have been in the office space for over 2 years now.

Why MOS?

Defintely the location. The handy coffee shops and the decor! I looked at quite a few other office spaces before I came across these and there is nothing quite like MOS. Some spaces didn;t have windows…some had horrible carpets. My visitors are well impressed.

Top 5 things about MOS?

The coffee shops and delis.

The location.

The freedom.

The people.

The landlord.

Follow them here:

CADDIE+CO website